A life full of dreams…

Disconnected, a story of pain, sorrow and a search for an everlasting happiness.

DISCONNECTED was written for an online contest back in September 2021 as a web novel.

I wrote this title in two weeks and two days, no more no less. While it had been an experience, given the contest deadline, I felt the plot to be a bit rushed, even though my expression and perception were on point. Alas, a mindset of  ‘I need to write it and it will be written no matter what!’

Now after revising a few snippets, I feel the outcome remains true to the original plot while keeping the changes subtle and a bit more in flow. Also, I worked on the art and improved the cover and overall feel of the book so it can reciprocate the story in the way it should’ve been from the beginning.

Hope you enjoyed this one. Lookout for the upcoming one…

I’ve created a Fandom page for more details about the characters. You can add to it too. Note: *It’s got spoilers*

Link: https://disconnected.fandom.com/wiki/Disconnected_Wiki

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